ENVI Shoes

Introducing forward-thinking marketing strategies to expand brand recognition and to elevate brand image.

As a blogger at ENVI Shoes in 2011, I created “ENVI Blogger” influencer program by giving fashion bloggers the opportunity towrite a guest blog post on the official ENVI Shoes brand blog. I designed an ENVI Shoes badge for fashion bloggers a part of the program in order to add it to their blog. This outreach strategy helped to improve search performance and increase website traffic to the e-commerce retail site. 


Examples from Affilate Program: http://www.envishoes.com/blog/?p=18855#.URk6TyqF8r4 , http://www.envishoes.com/blog/?p=18854#.URk6iSqF8r4

ENVI Shoes Company Blog (2010-2011): http://www.envishoes.com/blog/?tag=envi-shoes

ENVI Shoes Twitter (2010-2011): https://twitter.com/envishoes

ENVI Shoes Facebook (2010-2011): https://www.facebook.com/envishoes/

Other Marketing Campaigns: 


Link: http://www.envishoes.com/blog/make-us-envious-spring-break-betsey-johnson-tote-giveaway/#.URk7KCqF8r4


Link: http://www.envishoes.com/blog/1000-likes-giveaway-1000-worth-of-jeffrey-campbell-shoes/#.URk7rSqF8r4


Link: http://www.envishoes.com/blog/envi-fyi-jeffrey-campbell-white-line-lookbook/#.URk7WyqF8r4


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